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 Facebook Messenger is an app that allows you to connect with your friends and family. Nonetheless, users can also use the app to chat and share photos with their love once. Therefore, you can text, video chat for free without making any payment. However, the messenger app is linked with immediate messaging service. That is related to the facebook folder.

However, users can log in through the online platform and get connected with one another. Therefore, you can send direct messages and make use of emoji, videos, and other functions.  In facts, another great feature about the Facebook messenger is that it allows users to send money.

A lot of users doesn’t really know that. They can send money through facebook messenger. What they usually do is to chat, share videos. In facts, you can send money by making use of the app and through the website.  What you really need for the transaction is only your debit card information.

Therefore, you can send money by clicking on the send money button from your PC. Furthermore, you can as well send money from your Android. Sending money from your Smartphone tap on the payments button. The app also gives you the ability to add a short memo to your transaction.

In addition, you can send audio clips to your friends through messenger, if you don’t want to text. You can share your location and also play games within the app. You don’t need to start downloading games from another site that is not trusted.

How to Gain Access to Facebook Messenger

Having access to facebook messenger is easy. All you have to do is make sure that you have a facebook account. Once you have a facebook account, you can easily gain access to the messenger. However, if you are yet to have an account with Facebook, you can sign up from your Smartphone. By navigating to www.facebook.com, and follow all the instructions.

Facebook Messenger

You can access messenger on your Smartphone even on your PC, messenger works on iPhones as well. However, it is better to install the mobile app on your Android or iPhone for easy fast accessibility. However, if you don’t know how to access the Facebook messenger app. You can follow the stair below.

  • Visit the Google play store app and tap on it
  • At the top bar, you will see a space, key in Facebook messenger to make a search
  • It will bring out the Facebook messenger app with a blue background on it
  • Tap on it and look for the install below the messenger icon to install the app

However, you need to be careful not to install the third-party app because they are some non-facebook app. that the developers created and released for users to make use of for free. Therefore, these types of app do not officially facebook app

How to Make Use of Messenger App

The messenger app is designed for various uses for users to have full insight into how it works.  In facts, you can use the messenger for making calls, text chatting, sharing of videos and many more. Send invites to your contact list to join and also get connected to other people that are already on messenger.  

Furthermore, if you have not been using the messenger app to get a Uber ride or send money. This is the right time for you to make the move. To get Uber to ride just tap on the car image and follow the guideline.

Nonetheless, you can make preferred threads, send money, stickers, emoji, videos and many more. Honestly, a lot of users don’t really know. That they can make calls through the messenger. However, you can only make a call to people that are on your contact list.

Bottom Line

Since the messenger app allows users to make a call. Therefore, before you can make a call you need to open a chat with the person that you want to call. To make use of the emoji, simply tap on the emoji button. This gives you the ability to replace your on-screen keyboard with your emoji keyboard.

However, you can change some certain setting on your messenger setting that is associated with your chat. You can also turn on and off the notification conversation. Furthermore, you can quickly take a photo of yourself and send to your friends.

By taping on the camera icon, in facts, every icon is perfectly designed for it works. What you just have to do is to create available time for yourself and study every icon.

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