Google Drive – How to use Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the storage files that allows you to save and maintain file online. However, Google Drive has been able to join together with the company’s additional service. That includes Gmail, Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Plus and many more. Google drive help manage all stored record, from any devices.

It works in a tremendous way. However, you can use it to cover a suite of internet office app that is similar to Microsoft office. Therefore, with it you can upload files is an easy means.

In facts, one good thing about this is that Google Drive gives you room for improvement. Therefore, you can make use of the tools to achieve whatever you want as the tool allows you to do.

Furthermore, with Google Drive, you can easily move files from one tool to another with ease. In facts, you don’t need to mail them back to yourself. Nevertheless, once your PC has any problem. You don’t really have to be worry because your documents are safe.

This service is free; you don’t have to make any payment before making use of it. However, it works with other services that enable it to work at its best capacity. In addition, it does not have a lot of characters in it that will get you perplex.

How to use Google Drive

For you to be able to use Google drive effectively, you have to know the basics of it. Therefore, you must have a Google account. However, this account will give you the right to make use of all Google services. You can get a Google Drive from the web by using the android app.  Once this is done, you can view your file from your PC directly from the drive folder.

One major thing that you have to do is to download the backing and the software. Once you are able to do this you are good to go. You can get access to the backup software by going to the Drive’s website. Next, you have to click on the backup and the windows will sync.

Therefore, you can go ahead to start the program and go through the set of the contacts process. After this is done you will see the Google Drive image, right below the tab windows.

However, you can also get 15GB, which you can use and shared with Gmail, Chrome and others. In facts, if you want additional free 100GB you have to make payment for it. All these are the major things that you need to understand about Google drive.

Various Ways to Use Drive

  • Uploading and Downloading of Files
  • Making use of any of your devices
  • Transferring of files
  • Sharing of files
  • Deleting of files
  •  Types of files supported

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