Instagram Update- what is the new Update on Instagram

The Instagram update is a new feature that allows users to keep track of how many impressions users will probably get from a person. Furthermore, the new Instagram update will help the user to determine which hashtags are really working and which you have to let go.

However, you can view impressions from the hashtags button. Once you are able to make use of the hashtags and understand how it works. You will know the best hashtags to make use of. Therefore, you can select the best hashtags for your individual account.

In fact, with the new update users can easily see the posts which are recommended for them. Nevertheless, the update offer you a new feature. However, one of the new features gives the user the ability to design and create their own improved aim.

Since the official launch of Instagram in 2010, it has continually added new features. However, because of the constantly adding new features, most users want to be at the top most. Just to make sure that they play along the line.

In Addition, the new Instagram update will allow users to create effect and as well be able to share it. Therefore, you can create a better effect on your Instagram stories. Honestly, the Instagram story is being used on a daily basis by over 450 million users. Therefore, you too can make a good effect with the AR effect.

What is the new Update on Instagram

Basically the new update on Instagram will create a new means for users. In fact, in the new feature of the AR arrow will show up on your Android screen to enable you to work with it. 

  • Ability to view Horizontal Video
  • Ability to follow hashtags
  • The active mode
  • The story countdown regulator
  • Fresh Profile scene
  • Ability to upload many video to stories
  • The IGTV

Steps to Update your Instagram

To update your instagram account is simple. However, some people still find it difficult to update their account. However, you can follow the steps below to get your instagram account updated.

  • Go to play store app on your Smartphone
  •  Tap on the menu image at the top left hand side of your screen
  • A drop down menu list will appear
  • Choose apps and game from the menu list
  • The entire apps installed on your Smartphone will appear
  • Next, tap on instagram and you will be redirected to instagram store page
  • Once there is any update, tap on the update and it will start to update itself immediately. Once the update done, the entire latest feature will be added up automatically with ease.

Bottom Line

There is a need for you to update your account, once there is a new update. However, just as you know that the insatgram page is always changing, adding new features to it. Therefore, you too need to update your account in order not to be left out.

Nonetheless, to get the most out of Instagram you have to hit up to the newest trends of it update. Therefore, you need to keep track of all Instagram update because of it constantly changes.

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