iTunes – upload iTunes Videos to YouTube or Facebook

Most people like to download videos on iTunes and find it difficult to upload it on their youtube or facebook page. However, your Facebook and YouTube are the best places where you can share most of your videos for your friends to see. Nevertheless, facebook and youtube usually don’t encourage iTunes M4V to set up with the DRM guard.

Once you are trying to upload the video to YouTube or Facebook. You will be receiving messages without delay, telling you that the video has been abortive and can’t process a lot of some people to get annoyed by this message. Moreover, you don’t need to accommodate the difficulty produce by DRM.

However, you can easily get rid of the DRM protection. In fact, you can convert the videos and upload them directly on your YouTube and as well on your Facebook.

Therefore, you can take a quick step to upload the iTunes video and share on YouTube and Facebook. In fact, a lot of people have been sharing their videos online for people to see on popular sites.

You too can make this great move to share your own video on the internet. However, as you read on you will get to learn how you can upload iTunes video to youtube or Facebook.

How to upload iTunes Videos to YouTube or Facebook

  • Get an iTunes Video Converter

Take away worries from your mind with the help of video converter you are sure to get your videos uploaded on YouTube for millions of people to see.

Nevertheless, you can convert iTunes videos to another format. However, this can be achieved through the following means. Noteburner M4V converter plus, iskysoft, imedia converter and many more.

  • Insert iTunes M4V Video

You have to click on the top-left button. Once this is done the software will open on it own the iTunes video. In fact, all the accessible videos will be in a programmed format. All you have to do is to go through the whole records and click on the ok button.

  • Select The Supported Configure

You have to clack on the setting button and select on the web video right in the popup box. Next, you have to click on the profile once this is done the drop-down menu list will appear. Select the YouTube H264 HD video or you can select the Facebook H264 video.

  • Correct the Restriction and Preferences Settings

Set the parameters in size because youtube has a proposed resolution that will fit in. All you have to do is to click on the menu bar for the drop list to appear, once it appears to click on AVS4Mac M4V convert. Nevertheless, you can also amend the output.

  • Transfer iTunes M4V to YouTube and Facebook

To convert the iTunes video, you have to open the converting box and proceed to convert from iTunes to Facebook or YouTube.

  • Upload the iTunes Video to Your Facebook

To upload the iTunes video to your facebook click on the share button. After that select the Facebook icon and log into your Facebook. To share videos on your Facebook page, moreover, you have to be careful when doing this for you not to make a mistake.

  • Upload the iTunes Video to Your YouTube

Navigate to your YouTube and clack on the button right on the center of the screen. Choose the file that you want to upload and go ahead to select a converted H264 HD video of YouTube.

  Bottom Line

You can also download the NoteBurner M4V converter plus. In fact, this converter works in a tremendous way, it automatically runs along with the program. Furthermore, this converter will help you to transform the iTunes DRM-ED video to any device.

 Therefore, you don’t need to worry anymore to get your iTunes videos on Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, you too can share iTunes videos right on your Facebook account and also on your YouTube.

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