Privacy Policy

Effective March 10, 2019.

This Privacy Policy contains details about how visitors can make use of this website, and how their information on this website is protected.

How we make use of composed information

At Tiny Tech Biz, we do NOT collect visitor’s information for any reason. Also, we do NOT transfer or sell visitor’s information to any third party.

We understand that the internet is a vast ocean of content and it is easy for website visitors to leave unintended information about themselves when they least expected.

As such, we ensure that our website is absolutely free of any program or software that can collect visitors information or personal data without their prior consent.

Visitors are absolutely free to use this website any way they want and if you have to leave any information for whatever reason be absolutely assured that such information will be protected by us.

Primarily, we are committed to creating valuable content about:

  • Tech
  • Physical fitness
  • Digital Marketing

However, all our content is created with the sole intention to inform, educate and entertain our site visitors.


Tiny Tech Biz uses cookies to be able to serve better content to our visitors. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us right away.

Third-party websites

However, you might come across adverts and other content on our site that is related to the sites of our associate. Therefore, third-party websites might separately ask for personal information, which in some cases, gives us information about your activities on those websites.

Therefore, we have no influence or control over the content that shows on such third party website. Moreover, these sites may possibly have their own privacy policies as well as their customer guiding principles.

How to reach us

You can reach us via our email: or contact us directly via the contact us page.

We reserve the absolute right to edit and update this privacy policy without seeking the permission of any of our website visitors.