Walmart Pay – Everything you need to know about Walmart

Walmart is a retail store that carries out its operation in serials of a supermarket, grocery stores, and subdivision stores. However, this store is a well-known store all over American with a total number of about 4,600 stores.

However, Walmart has been able to make payment easier for its loyal customers, by providing an exclusive means of payment.

Furthermore, this feature is Walmart’s pay which allows you to make payment through the scanning of your phone. Nevertheless, this process allows the cashier to run a scan on your phone screen through QR code. With the Walmart pay, you will experience a new way of making payment through a fast means.

Moreover, you can also download the app on your iPhone for making payment. However, you need to connect it with your credit card or debit card.

Therefore, if you are yet o download the app on your phone you can make a smart move to download this app and start making payment in an easy way.

Therefore, you too can improve your payment by getting the app. Enjoy the Walmart pay practice by making fast and effortless means of making payment.

How to use Walmart Pay

  • Create a Walmart Pay

You have to set up the Walmart pay on your iPhone, all you have to do is to download the app right on your phone. Next, open up the app and links it up with any of your payment cards.

However, if the app can’t sense the number on your card you have to type the card number at the base of your phone screen and continue. Fill in all the necessary information on the form and click on save to continue.

Nevertheless, when creating a Walmart pay you will be required to create a pin. Mind you this pin is what you have to use from time to time whenever you want to make a purchase.

  • Making Payment for Purchases

The QR code has to show right on your card pin pad before you can proceed to make payment. Next, you have to unlock your phone and open the app and tap on the service. Once this is done tab on Walmart pay and provide your pin to make payment for your purchase.

  • Add up an Alternative Card

You can decide to add up another card. However, if you have already signed up or created an account you can add up another card to your Walmart pay.

All you just have to do is open your Walmart app and lookout to add a card and tab on it. After this is done tab on add a credit card or a debit card, next, enter your card details and tab on save.

Furthermore, tab on the card that you will probably like to use as a non-payment. Nevertheless, a green mark will come up close to the card that you have chosen as a non-payment.

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